We offer accommodations from $28-45/night

We treat your pet like you would at home. If your pet has special needs, just ask and we will work with you and your pet to make you both as comfortable as possible.

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The Penthouse is our most luxurious experience.


The Penthouse is a private room with luxury bedding, TV, French doors and an outdoor run. 


  • Individualized playtime 3 times per day in fenced-in all grass yard

  • Fancy beds, ceiling fans, air-conditioning and heat

  • Doggie treats

  • Guests have their own 5'x10' outside run

  • They are priced at only $45 per night or $38 each for 2 guests.


Ask about our 1st-time new Customer discount or military discount when you call

The Condos

The Condos simulate the home environment.

In addition to being a "homier" environment, the Condos offer our guests the following:


  • Television

  • Central air & heat

  • Beds, ceiling fans & french doors

  • Individualized playtime 3-times per day in fenced-in all grass yard

  • Doggie treats​


The price for these luxury rooms is only $40 for 1 guest and $33 each for 2 guests that share the same condo (from the same family only).

Ask about our 1st-time new Customer or military discount or when you call.

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Junior Suites

The Jr Suites are for our more active dogs and include the following accommodations:


  • indoor & outdoor runs

  • Indoor runs have tile flooring

  • Individualized playtime 3 times per day in fenced-in all grass yard

  • Stereo music

  • Air conditioning & heated

  • Doggie snacks

  • Blankets, bedding, & TLC


The Jr Suites are only $35 per night for 1 guest or $28 per dog if 2 guests can stay together.


Ask about our 1st-time new Customer or military discount when you call.

Guests enjoy a 4x5 area inside and a 4x10 area outside

Cat Condos

Cat Condos are actual rooms.

Most other kennels have cages for the cats. Not here !!

Your cat will enjoy the following:

  • Fancy rooms

  • Ceiling fans

  • Jungle gym!

  • Central air & heat

  • Extra Large room for multiple cats from the same family

  • All this for only $25 per night ($20 each for 2 cats that stay together).


Ask about our 1st-time new Customer or military discount when you call

Cat Condo

Not your average cat room!

Bed Buddies

Special Add-on

We are now offering our "Bed Buddy" Package.


This is only available to one pampered friend at a time. During the day your pet will stay in the Jr. suites, Condo's, or Penthouses and at night they will stay in our apartment with your pet's personal "Buddy". That's right your dog will sleep in the bedroom with one of us!! Talk about being spoiled!! If your dog is staying here for a long period of time why not spoil them for a day or two.


Only $35 extra per night.

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